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PLEASE NOTE: The advantages of include professional assistance in developing a webpage and innovative and constant marketing efforts to assure placement, either through natural language or sponsored placement, on search engines and Business and Travel websites that will maximize the exposure for each webpage within the marketing budget. does not guarantee any specific marketing strategy or specific placement on any search engines or other advertising devices. will always strive to bring their customers the best service available based on reasonable advertising and marketing budgets. Customer satisfaction is first goal. We prosper when you are able to successfully market your rental property or business through the use of our portal. Therefore we solicit and appreciate your input. 

Notice to Users of This Site Regarding Third-Party Sites
It turns out that redundancy is not a bad thing to have in this business. The number one method to advertise on the Internet is via Search Engines. Each Property or Business can be found on different search engines and some do better than others on different engines. Depending on the location of your Property or Business web advertisement, you are almost always much better off with several web pages or placements.

This web site may contain links to web sites operated by parties other than Such links are provided for your reference only. does not control such web sites and is not responsible for their contents. inclusion of links to such web sites does not imply any endorsement of the material or any association with their operators. has the right to remove links or disallow links at their discretion.

Notice to Renters assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of advertisements on this web site, nor the condition of property, nor the character of the owner. It is the responsibility of the potential renter and strongly recommended to ascertain the validity of each property. Obtain terms and conditions in writing. Rates are subject to change without notice. know your Owner.

Notice to Owners is not responsible for renters of property. It is the responsibility of the owner and strongly advised to validate the qualifications of the potential renters. Specify terms and conditions in writing. know your Renter.
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Small Business Directory Services and Online Web Extension Pages

A directory service offering Web Extension Pages are growing in popularity! And we're adept at making it work big for you. 

These Web Extension Pages are designed to showcase a product, feature or services. Web Extension Pages or sometimes called mini or micro-sites are frequently customized to contain rich media content, such as specific products or rich direct response messaging, both of which enhance a marketer's ability to reach target audience.

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You are responsible for conducting your own investigation regarding any and all claims made by potential business and property owners. You assume all liability for use of any information you find in any HighPoint Investors website. Business and Property Owners are responsible for the accuracy of the information on their web links or web extension pages. is owned by HighPoint Investors,LLC.

By using the services provided by you agree to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer. Regarding photos, owners who specify photos to be used from a web site assert that the photos are their own property and these same owners have the publishing rights to said photos. has the right to remove any web pager link and to deny advertising at their discretion.

Notice to Advertisers
We do not offer refunds as terms of our agreement when you, the advertiser, sign up with us. What you pay for is not only to have your listing on our website, but you also pay to have your listing page and/or advertisement created, and your account managed. If under any circumstances we do make an exception it will be made after the clients full listing term has ended. Remember our goal is to earn your business for this year and the following years. In the meantime, always keep us posted regarding the performance of your advertisement. We will monitor your listing(s), increase placement, and provide search engine optimization for your city/ area on our website.